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The Bitcoin & Crypto space is likely to repeat itself πŸ‘€

This is a majorly key metric to look out for

Transaction fees πŸ’‘

In 2017 bitcoin lost a lot of dominance due to the liquidation into other digital assets which saw an altcoin rally πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

This is likely to happen again as transaction velocity creeps up when the retail market wakes up again after the heavy upward swings happen People aren’t willing to pay a few $ for transactions, nevermind $30… so they’ll find other means βœ”οΈ These fundamentals are key to know so you understand certain influences, and you can act accordingly πŸ‘

The journey of Bitcoin Cash is really unbelievable. It grows faster than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash was introduced on 1st day in the month of August 2017. Its introduction was not done for greed but for the times need. Due to higher demand for Bitcoin in the last couple of years, the block size and number increase exponentially. And to cope with that an idea of splitting was passed. Hence we get the total new currency known as Bitcoin Cash. The initial value of the new currency was not more than $200 but at present, it is trading at nearly $1500, almost 8 times the value.

Bitcoin Cash is a Cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. Moreover, both of them share common roots. Bitcoin cash is very new to this world and will celebrate its first birthday in the month of August this year. Due to large size and number of Blocks Bitcoin system had to divide it’s working. From there a new Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash was introduced in this world. Bitcoin cash is worldwide decentralized payment system as Bitcoin. This means it is not under the control of any bank or a country.

Our Advice to Investors – You can invest in either Ripple (XRP) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Both the cryptocurrencies are looking good. You can imagine that if Ripple reaches $15 per XRP one day, where your investment will go. But needs a lot of patience then. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash is also very nice. It is a growing cryptocurrency and it is also predicted that it may leave Bitcoin behind one day.

Updated: July 31, 2019 — 5:16 am
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