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Sandhya The First Lady Coolie and Inspiration to all Indians

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Sandhya believes in Hard work to look after her family.  If we implement a minimum wage system in India, which can provide everyone a decent living, we will not have slavery and looking down upon. Every job will be able to take care of their family.

Sandhya is full of self respect and determination

Rather then go with a Begging Bowl to her In Laws or Close Relatives, Sanshya chooses to Work with Dignity and Self
Respect and Support her 3 Children and herself There is No Shame in working for ones livelihood if Life becomes Tough to Survive without a Bread winner. Today a women commits suicide if she feels that she is alone but you are really working hard. She is making every women proud and inspiring those who tried to commit suicide many a times and still trying to do this.

She is hardworking to fight for existence, she is proving that she is equal to a man. She has self confidence which most of them lack. Its not good for women to lift loads like that. Why is she doing this job? Cant the government or railways offer her any decent job so that she lives making a living. We have to feel shame for this. Making a lady to do this kind of jobs. She needs protection and security for her kids first. We have to understand that. There are few posts of Dwarka mahila are there, she is really eligible for such posts, I request govt should provide on permanent basis.

For those of you who take your mother for granted please remember just like this mother Sandhya work hard for her children.

Updated: March 25, 2018 — 2:05 pm
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