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Elon Musk and Brian Acton lead the #deletefacebook campaign

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Facebook is an essential part of a large number of our lives. It is a stage where one stays in contact with one’s companions, finds old companions and obviously, makes new ones. It is the place which continues helping us to remember birthday celebrations and commemorations and in some cases even serves up awesome recordings reporting our fellowships on the system. According to Statistica the growth of facebook has been increasing rapidly since it started in 2008.


Obviously, it has its dull side as well – false news, stalking and a ton all the more, however what I am endeavoring to call attention to is this: for every one of its deficiencies, Facebook delivers a lot of significant worth. Likewise, rather significantly, it has no alternative.

Truth be told

Truly, Facebook has issues. Significant issues. Be that as it may, it by the by remains a considerable informal organization with an endorser base that is more than most nations’ populaces. That is its quality, and as we are finding now, its shortcoming as well. There is simply a lot out there. An excessive amount to be basically dumped and proceed onward for a great many people – something that the #DeleteFacebook swarm does not appear to figure it out.

Some big celebrity have deleted facebook like Elon Musk and Brian Acton. They have a huge fan following so others have followed this suit. The irony is that #elonmusk has deleted his facebook account but kept the instagram account Major celebrities in India have not deleted their account. RJ Sayema Vani Kapoor and many others still have their facebook account.

What does it mean for the rest of us

In developing countries facebook is the only option to connect with friends and families so it is not possible to #deletefacebook even though your data was stolen. Deleting Facebook would resemble closing down an extremely swarmed street in light of the fact that excessively numerous mishaps happen on it. The street may be risky, yet many individuals still utilize it. Also, will keep on using it until there is an elective way. Also, that is maybe what the #deletefacebook needs to get it.

If I still want to #deletefacebook

If you still want to delete it or deactivate it, we have a step by step process on how to do it.  We would suggest that you first deactivate the account for a few days/weeks. Take a break to decide what you want and then you should take that decision.

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