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Dragonfly Mission to Explore Life on Saturn’s Moon “TITAN”

Saturn is the sixth planet from Sun in our Solar System. It is the second largest planet of our Solar System after Jupiter. It is a gas giant, there is no land on Saturn. There are 62 known satellites of Saturn. Like Earth has only one Moon, Mars has two moons. Similarly, Saturn has 62 formal moons with stable orbits.

The Largest Satellite of Saturn or the Largest Moon of Saturn planet is ‘Titan’. Earlier it was revealed by a Space Mission, ‘Cassini Huygens’ (1997) that Titan has its own atmosphere.

More About Titan – Titan is the second largest moon of our solar system after Jupiter’s Ganymede. It is larger than Planet Mercury.

Dragonfly Mission is a planned spacecraft and mission that will send a mobile robotic rotorcraft lander to Titan, in order to study prebiotic chemistry and extraterrestrial habitability at various locations.

NASA Plans to launch the spacecraft in 2026. And it will take 8 years to get land on Titan. So the landing date of this spacecraft is 2034. The Landing site is termed as Shangri-La dune fields.

Its Main objective is to find life on Titan. If life was not found on Titan, then this rotorcraft lander will send more and more information to the earth about the atmosphere, components of the Titan.

So, Mark the year 2034, it will be exciting if there will be life on Titan. What kind of organisms is living? Will it be similar to our planet earth. A lot to know. Cheers.

Updated: July 11, 2019 — 6:32 pm
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