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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners : Commission Money Making Complete Guide

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Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide for Beginners with Images. How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing? How to Make with Commission Marketing?

Making an Online Money in these days, not an easy task and neither it is very difficult but to be successful in affiliate marketing you need to know the best product, top niche, right program, proper placement.

There are so many different ways to Make Online Money like you can earn by Blogging, through Google Adsense, through Media.Net, through selling spaces of your Blog or Website, through Affiliate Marketing and some other ways.


In this Post, I tell you the Complete Guide and Covers almost Every Topic about Affiliate Marketing and also How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer for all the Newbies or Beginners.

Now before I start my Article I’ll ask you some questions Do you Know about Affiliate Marketing? Do you know How Affiliate Marketing Works? Have you ever tried Affiliate Marketing? Do you know Types of Affiliate Marketing? Have you ever promoted anything? Do you know the Best Affiliate Programs or Networks? Do you know how to start with affiliate marketing?

Yes, these are just some questions I think you want to know or you face when you first started in this. And these are the questions which a newbie should be careful when he or she starts Affiliate Marketing Journey.So without further do let’s start with Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? (Definition of Affiliate Marketing?)

Affiliate Marketing Simply Means a Business in which You Promote Any Product on to your Blog or Website and the Visitor or Buyer Purchased that Product with your Reference (Link) and You Can get Paid.

Affiliate Marketing is a Win- Win Situation for Both Buyer and Promoter. When a Promoter Promote any Product or Network then Buyer get Discount for that particular product when he or she purchased through the promoter link and then Promoter gets to profit.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

  • First Affiliate Publisher Put an Ad Network on their Site or Blog
  • A Buyer or Visitor or Customer Clicks on the Affiliate Link
  • The Buyer is Sent to the Merchant Site through the Affiliate Link
  • The Buyer Makes a Purchase through Affiliate Link
  • The Affiliate Platform Records the Purchase and details of Transaction
  • The Buyer’s Purchase is Confirmed by Merchant Site
  • Transaction is credited to Referring Affiliate
  • Affiliate Gets Paid his Commission (Profit)


Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are different types of Affiliate Marketing available online for the Affiliates or Publishers depends on the various factors and you can choose according to your need.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing:

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most common affiliate marketing. It is the solid option for a smaller website owner. And in this, the best option is the Google AdSense which is the ideal example of PPC Network or Program.

If you have a blog or website and you got sufficient visitors then this is the first option for you to earn money from your website. In PPC type you can use text ads, banner ads, video ads, pop-up ads etc in blog or website.

As a PPC affiliate marketer, you need to send traffic to your merchant website throw your ads. You get paid for each visitor visit merchant website through your website.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) Affiliate Marketing:

Pay Per Sale (PPS ) is the most successful affiliate marketing program or network. Yes, in this the affiliate or publisher can earn the profit by completing a sale and you can get a handsome share for completing a single sale.


In PPS network the publisher can earn the most powerful amount of money. Sometimes publisher gets more than 50% of each sale or a fixed amount of money for each sale.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) Affiliate Marketing:

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is also very famous affiliate marketing type and personally, from my point of view, this is the best affiliate marketing to start your affiliate journey.


Yes, in this the Affiliate or Publisher will get a commission by only sending leads (Means Simple Email, Name, Phone No.) to the merchant site. Sometimes it’s only name or email but it pays a small money.

Cost Per Action (CPA) Affiliate Marketing:

Cost Per Action (CPA) is also very popular affiliate marketing.To make a good commission in the Affiliate Marketing this is the best program to start your journey.

In CPA your referred visitors must make an action after visiting merchant website. It can be anything, buy a product from a merchant site (PPS). It can be also put some information or take a survey (PPL) etc.

Pay Per Performance (PPP) Affiliate Marketing:


Pay Per Performance (PPP) is the beginning level of earning good money in affiliate marketing. In PPP, the buyer has to take an action after visiting the merchant website.

They have to take their services or buy any product from a merchant and in return, you will get a share. It is similar to PPS or PPL.

Single-Level, Two-Level, and Multi-Level Affiliate Marketing

In a single-level affiliate marketing program, the affiliates or publishers are only paid based on the direct sales or traffic they referred to the merchant site. All the previously mentioned affiliate marketing types (example PPS, PPL, and PPC) fall under the single-level division.

In two-level affiliate marketing programs, the affiliate or publishers are not only paid for the direct traffic or sales that they refer to the merchant site but also on every traffic or sales referred by various other affiliates who joined the affiliate program through your recommendation.

Multi-level, also know as Multi-level-Marketing (MLM) works in a similar way as two-level marketing, although the affiliate or publisher gets an extra commission for a larger number of affiliates in different levels in the affiliate network under him.

3 Best Affiliate Networks or Program to Start With For Beginners (Newbies)

Yes, there are various affiliate networks (programs) available online to start your affiliate campaign but I tell you some selected best affiliate networks for all the beginner (newbie) to start their affiliate journey and they also having different products to promote.

ShareASale Affiliate Network (Program)

This is a very popular affiliate program or network to start your affiliate journey and they have wide range products to promote and they have the best support system.

Easy to start with ShareASale Affiliate Network. Just Submit Your Site or Blog Details and wait for just 1-2 days to get approval and then start different products to promote.



They have PPS, PPL Products and they also have Top 100 Power Products in the Merchant Category.In Payment, they have Wire Bank Transfer Option So No Need to Worry. Click Here to Sign Up.

Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Network (Program)

This is also a famous affiliate network or program and also one of the best to promote different types of products in the different advertisers who will give you good share.




They have a good support system and you can easily get your commission directly into your Bank Account. Just Simply Fill the Site or Blog Details and wait for the Approval and then promote products of various types in various range. Click Here to Sign Up.

Click Bank affiliate network

It is one of the most successful affiliate network or program in the favorite list and you can find any kind of optical products and tons of digital products too in this network.

They have almost every category in their list. They have very high percentage of commission for publishers, for each sale. It is Easy to use and get approval. Click Here to Sign Up.

Other Affiliates Network or Program:

Amazon Affiliate, Linkshare, E-Junkie.

How to Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Newbies)

First of all, you will need a few things to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey and this Guide is useful for the Beginners who have a Blog or Website. Yes, this is an essential requirement and don’t worry in Next Affiliate Marketing Guide I will cover How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Without having a website.


Coming back to the original topic I assume that you all have a Blog or Website. Now we apply all the three networks or program which I shared earlier in the Post. Then Select the Best Network or Program which is also suitable for your Blog or Website.

Yes, for Example, If Your Blog is about WordPress, Blogging then Select the WordPress Plugins, WordPress themes, WordPress Hosting which is relevant to your Blog or Site. If you are promoting health or bike offer in your WordPress or Blogging Site then you will fall miserably. It will never convert.


Now it depends on which kind of offer you want to promote I already listed different types of affiliate marketing in this post. So choose wisely and don’t go for a high offer if you are just starting your affiliate journey. Try to promote small offers and then scale them with time.


Summary to Start Affiliate Marketing

  • A Blog or Website is Necessary
  • Apply Different Affiliate Networks or Program
  • Choose Affiliate Program According to Your Site or Blog
  • Choose Small Offers in Starting
  • Promote the Offer

How to Promote Affiliate Marketing For Newbie (Beginners)

First Select the Affiliate Offer which you want to promote. Then write a detailed review about the Topic with screenshots or proofs added.

Never try to promote the product which you don’t use. Always write an honest review. Never write a dishonest review and don’t go with the flow (Means don’t write positive reviews as others also write about the same topic. Write what you find when you have used it)

For Example, SEMRush is a very popular tool in the Online Market. If You Search on Google Semrush tool recommendation than most of the result or almost every Result in First and Second Page You will See in Favor.


Always give proper and correct information to your readers. Write the positive and negative aspect of that particular product which you promote.

Summary To Promote Affiliate Marketing

  • Select Affiliate Program
  • Write Detailed Article
  • Write Honest Review (Screenshots and Proofs)
  • Don’t Write Dishonest Review
  • Always Promote the Product or Service which You Already Use
  • Write Both Positive and Negative Aspect of Product or Service


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make online money. It is growing rapidly and people make some handsome amount of money as an Affiliate Marketer. If you haven’t started it then starts right now.

If you still having some problem to start or to select an affiliate niche then comment down I will try to solve them.

Updated: Apr 7, 2017 — 6:49 pm
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