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Speech on 5th June World Environment Day in English for Students and Kids (Essay)

Good morning everyone! Honorable Principal Ma’am, teachers and all my dear friends. Today we all are gathered to celebrate world environment day. It aims to protect the natural environment forever on the earth for the healthy possibility of life.

We celebrate this day to spread awareness about the importance of the environment in our day to day life. The air we breadth, the water we drink, land on which we live, trees which provide us oxygen and many more examples are there to understand the relevance of the environment in our life. 

It is celebrated annually on 5th of June since 1973 however declared in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly during the opening of the conference on Human Environment. The annual celebration of it depends on the particular theme of the year (declared by the UN) which focuses on implementing some new and effective plans to save the environment. Issues raised by the UN in the past few years are Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, marine pollution, plastic waste pollution and many more. It also addressed various environmental issues like global warming, food shortages, deforestation, etc.

According to the scientists, in the near future more than two-thirds of flora and fauna will be extinct because of human-induced environmental changes. Human activities impart harmful effects on the environment like overexploitation of resource, excessive use of timber, forest reduces for building infrastructure. Dear friends, we need to do something effective in order to reduce the rate of climate change as well as save many natural resources and think about the biodiversity for a better life on the earth in the future.

3R techniques (reduce, reuse and recycle) can be very effective in lessening the impact of our bad activities over the natural ecosystem. We should start from small but effective steps like switch to organic food from inorganic food(Zero budget farming) use of natural fertilizers over chemical fertilizers, reduction in the use of electricity, reuse things as much as possible, recycle waste and separate waste, stop deforestation and grow tree of hope, save wild animals, etc to reduce the rate of climate changes. Our positive steps will really help us to solve environmental issues in the near future that we can deliver to our next generations as well.

Thank you!

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