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World Population Day Speech in English, Debate, Article, Essay, Paragraph, 10 Lines

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World Population Day Speech in English

Respected Teachers, Honorable Judges, and all my dear friends Good Morning Everyone. Thank you for allowing me to speak here. Today we will talk about World Population Day (11 July).


Population crisis is a huge problem prevailing across the globe since many years. The Population of the whole world is increasing rapidly. Though World Population issues have been tried to be reduced by controlling the same, there seems to a real trouble in controlling it. The 7 billion head count on the globe is not a problem that can be ignored.

Countries like India are a point of huge concern. China has controlled its population by the last two decades. In 2011 the population percentage of Muslims was 14% and by 2021 it will turn to 21 or 22%.

 World Population Day Speech

Long back in 1989, the same issue was enumerated by the Governing Council of The United National Development Programme took forward an action and “World Population Day” was set off thereby. World Population Day is ideally an awareness programme declared to be observed on 11th of July every year.

World Population Day insists the importance of having small families and knowing the need of population control to create a better tomorrow. Campaigns on a healthy life, reproductive health and population issues will be organized on this day. While the World Population day brings in awareness, on the other hand, it carries a theme every year.

2015 World Population Day focuses on rights and needs of women and girls through the theme “Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”. The theme tries to preserve the dignity of women and girls, securing their safety and their access to reproductive health care. In India, “World Population Day” message and theme was to be spread through “Walkathon towards Population Stabilization”. This Walkathon was organized by JSK (Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh) to gain the attention of media and by this means to create awareness on the impacts of population explosion and therefore bring out Population Stabilization throughout the world.

Thank You.

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