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Newsinsearch is a site where you will be updated with the latest news about Breaking, Trending, Bollywood, Gossips, Entertainment, Sports, Cricket, Television Updates, Science, Cars and much more…

There are many categories available on the site like a special event, sci/tech, Bollywood, Hollywood and few more. So that you can easily visit your content.

Hemant Sharma Author and owner of Newsinsearch

Name – Hemant Sharma

DOB – 15 April 1997

Father’s Name – C S Kaushik

I passed out my Intermediate from Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 Faridabad and now in 1st Year. In free time, I love to share my knowledge more and more whatever the updates are around the world via writing the articles on my site.

Thank You for visiting mine About Us Page.

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